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We provide end to end solutions for your influencer marketing campaign, not just the major stuff like planning, strategizing and content creation. We also ease you from the hassle of daily operation from the nitty gritty things like sending samples and fulfillment.

Our services encompass the following. Talk to us for more


1. We Plan

We are an expert at campaign development from conception to execution. Start by briefing us your campaign and leave it to our team to plan the rest. All campaigns will go through our 9C Toolbox, where research, analysis of market and trend, and profiling of your consumers take place, before the team develops awesome strategies that best meet your objectives.


2. We Create

Our ideation process is based on strategic rationale and all content creation must be result oriented. We work hand in hand with our influencers to create appealing contents that suit different target consumers to generate maximum ROI for our clients. If you agree that the sky is in the limited in content creation, then sit back and watch what the team has to show you.


3. We Identify

We identify the influencers or KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) that fit your brand and goals for maximum results. We work with social media influencers for KOLs from various background and interests who are seen as experts in their niche or have dedicated social followings in areas such as lifestyle, fitness, food, family, sports, fashion, property and many more. Depending on the objectives and budget, we will select the most suitable micro, mid-tier, macro-influencers and mega-influencers to achieve maximum campaign results. We will also identify the most suitable social media platforms for your campaigns.


4. We Amplify

We amplify effectiveness with solutions that work for your brand. With the right strategies, contents and influencers / KOLs put in place and our secret recipe, our content works a lot harder, without having our clients pay extra, and that makes the big difference. The result - wider reach and higher engagement!


5. We Manage

We manage your campaign every step of the way to ensure everything is right on track. From the brief and preparation till execution, we take care of all matters big and small and nitty gritty so you can focus on the bigger and more important marketing tasks. Our efficient account manager will act on your behalf and constantly keep you in the loop.


6. We Assess

A campaign is not finished till we complete the assessment. We assess your campaign results and measure everything down to your KPIs. You will be presented with first hand data. All data and information will be made visible to be used for your next campaign preparation.

Which types of influencers are suitable for your campaign?

How do you know which types of influencers best fit your brand? Let’s take a deeper look at them to get started.

There are 5 different types of influencers or KOLs to choose from :



Mega-influencers are more likely to be famous A-list celebrities in social and in real life. Due to their celebrity status, they are highly visible on social media and generate a huge amount of engagement. They can also be incredibly expensive due to their ability to offer incredible reach. Mega-influencers are more suitable for mega brands that can afford to pay the price. Due to the diversity of their followers, they are considered top of the pecking order of social media influencers. They are the people you want to work with if mass awareness is your goal.



Although they can be made up of celebrities, TV personalities, athletes or thought leaders, many achieved fame through internet activities such as vlogging and blogging. With the ability to produce their own content, macro-influencers leverage on their reputation to gain followers. Using macro-influencers can be more targeted, yet the reach is still very broad. And because of their experience in the internet activities, they are able to create interesting contents for brands. Macro-influencers with a specific niche have highly targeted audiences that will respond well to relevant brand collaborations. If the goal is to target a certain audience but still reach the masses, choose a macro-influencer.


Mid-tier influencers

Mid-tier influencers command a large following on their social media pages and offer brands a wide reach and more engagement than macro-influencers. They are experienced in creating content and are more connected to their audience. Mid-tier is the sweet pot for brands because they can get the benefits of partnering with an influencer who has a larger audience and impactful reach, while still being cost-effective. These guys have more experience than micro-influencers, which means better pictures and better content overall.



Although they have a smaller following as compared to mid-tier influencers, brands consider micro-influencers much more effective in terms of engagement and trust as they have an intimate connection with their followers and more niche-focused. Many micro-influencers are specialists in a particular niche, and so any content they share that's related to the niche is considered more credible. 82% of consumers are likely to purchase a product recommended by micro-influencers. If the goal is to increase conversions, leads and subscription among a specific audience, choose a micro-influencer.



As nano-influencers have the smallest follower account, they offer brands a modest reach and highest engagement rate at 8.8% as compared to other influencers. Hyper-authentic and personalized for their audience, brands working with nano-influencers can expect a different and more authentic experience with them. Many nano-influencers know their followers on an intimate level, so you can guarantee that your brand or product (if relevant) will be received. Thanks to the lower cost of working with a nano-influencer, this kind of partnership could work very well for businesses or start-ups with a small marketing budget.